Canadian Slip Solutions was born out of the need of safety for businesses, customers and workers.

Our one desire to improve safety and prevent slip and fall accidents in business, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shops or anywhere with tile or mineral based floors.

Canadian Slip Solutions is now expanding across Canada and the world.

Our passion for this business grows out of the fact that slip and fall injuries can be devastating as well as life changing. After a fall occurs, it is too late to engage in slip-prevention. The time to prevent a fall is before it happens. There are simple and inexpensive steps that can be taken to reduce the possibility of a devastating injury.

Canadian Slip Solutions has developed a method for treating any type of surface imaginable so that the likelihood of a fall is dramatically reduced.

We have the solution for every type of floor, bathtub, hot tub or footwear, high heel, etc and can increase the safety for your family or business – Done in minutes, good for years.