Canada Slip Solutions Inc. is a company known for the best slip resistant technology applied on any slippery floor / bathtubs /showers  / cement / epoxy / wood / steel / and anything else. Our non slip floor coating application has been applied to the likes of homes and business around the world as well as Federal buildings and institutions throughout the United States,  Europe and the Middle East.

These are are a few of the many reviews on our non slip floor coating services by some of our clients:


Bathtub-Mary Graydon

Anti Slip Bathtub


Car Dealership Anti Slip

Restaurant Anti Slip

Hospital Services Anti Slip


Brightview of Avon Healthcare
“Since treating the floors in our kitchen and shower areas 2 years ago, we have had no incidents of slips or falls in these high traffic areas”

“The product has improved our slippery floor issues greatly and has been viewed very positively from our store employees.”

Burger King
“The results of your anti-slip treatment at our Burger King have been positive. I spoke with the restaurant manager, and she indicated that her floor has dramatically improved since the application of your anti-slip product.”

“Since the application, the tile floor is much more slip resistant and considerably improved. We have experienced zero falls and the crew members can really tell a difference.”

“We have seen marvelous results from your floor treatment. I look forward to doing some future business.”

“Despite my early skepticism that a floor treatment could actually make my tile floors less slippery, I am happy to say that your product really does work as promised. In our salad bar area, there are frequently spills to mop up, and I am always nervous that a guest or employee might fall before the floor has completely dried.”

Dunkin Donuts
“Before the floor was treated my employees were slipping on spills that would occur during the normal course of the day. I am happy to say we have not had any slip/fall accidents in the six months since. I am highly satisfied with the increased safety for our customers and employees and would recommend treatment to any business that is concerned with the safety of customers and staff.”

Comfort Inn
“We are very satisfied with the result of your ant-slip install. Our tubs had a gray, dingy color to them especially on the bottom where the slip resistant strips used to be. Guests always thought our bathtubs were dirty because of the color. Not only are our tubs clean, they are slip resistant as well. The guests have less chance to fall now, and that reduces our headaches of unnecessary lawsuits and expenses.”

Best Western
“We were concerned about the kind of grip our guests were getting under their feet when they were showering in the bathrooms. I was very impressed with the difference it made to the surface of the bath tub. It works better than any bathmat that I have ever seen. Even with soap under your feet it is still very hard to try to make your feet slip.”

Christo’s Place
“We recently had our restaurant and kitchen floors treated with your anti-slip product. The treatment stopped our slip and fall incidents and also made our floors look significantly cleaner.”

Checkers Pizza
“Since you treated our floor in early March the difference has been dramatic. The carpets are in storage, and I and my customers can enjoy the beauty of the tile and I have peace of mind knowing my floors are as safe and close to slip proof as possible.”


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